Welcome to Vimepot!

Vimepot is a video sharing and monetization service.  It’s all very straightforward: this is a place where you can post any video you like!

But what makes Vimepot different is that we’re here to make your brain work.  Viewers on our website watch videos and try to guess the phrase that describes what they’re watching.  To simplify the things, the phrase match is approximate: for example "dog" and "dogs" are the same things and "run" and "running" are also the same things.  For those whom guess correctly, prizes are paid! 

A guess costs $0.5 and the prize for a correct guess is set by the person who posted the video.  We like to keep things fluid at Vimepot!

In order to cover the costs of all this fun we charge 10% from guesses and prize payments, but we don’t charge for depositing or withdrawing money to or from your account.  We keep things nice and easy allowing you to top up your account via Paypal (but note that Paypal charges you some commission for handling your money).

We don’t want to seem like internet police but we want to keep Vimepot as a safe and friendly environment so we kindly ask all users need to ensure that their videos don’t contain any sexually explicit, violent, dangerous, hateful, offensive, or illegal content. We also ask that users be aware of copyright infringing material, videos containing misleading data, as well as material attempting to scam.  Like everyone else in the world, we also hate spam!

To help you out we review your videos to make sure they are appropriate for the website and then we post them. It can take 5-10 mins for a video to be posted and 99% of videos end up on our website anyway.

That’s all you need to know for now. The rest is in our T&Cs, which you need to accept to register with us.

Have fun!

Your Support team at